Welcome to the Grid 100 (10x10) Web Site

(last update: 28 July 2013)

The Grid concept of Revolution Kite Team Flying was conceived by Felix Mottram.

All of these maneuvers were selected by John Barresi for animation in preparation for WSIKF 2013.

The actual animation for the maneuvers were created by John Norton Mitchell (Webmaster) using the NEW Adobe Edge Animate.

All maneuvers listed here are provided as a visual aid and may vary slightly from event to event, particularly with regard to launching and landing sequences.

It has been noted that some browsers do have difficulty displaying the animations properly particularly when many objects are rotating
at the same time. Apparently this is not CPU related but browser related in how well the browser handles JavaScript and HTML5.
It is noted that Goggle Chrome Version 28 and Internet Explorer 10 are working well with this Web Site.
It has also been reported that these animations work well on iPhone (versions unknown).
Problems have randomly been noted using Firefox 22 and Amazon Kindle Fire Silk.

We will be adding in new animations as they become available.

Expect constant changes as this is an Evolving Web Site

Launch to 20 x 5 to 10 x 10 - Version 1
Launch to 20 x 5 to 10 x 10 - Version 2
Vertical Thread
Horizontal Thread
Switch Place
Concentric Ring
4 Concentric Rings

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