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Welcome to the Super 16 Web Site

(last update: 8 April 2011)

The idea of Super 16 was conceived by Felix Mottram who also created the Grid concept of Revolution Kite Team Flying.
Felix has been flying on team "The Decorators" since it's founding around 1990.

The animation for the Super 16 maneuvers is presently being created by John Norton Mitchell (Webmaster)

We will be adding in new animations as they become available.

Expect constant changes as this is an Evolving Web Site

A - Ball
B - Horizontal Lines
C - 4 Columns
D - 4 Blocks
E - Squares
F - 4 Rows
G - Ground
H - Diamonds
I - Pinwheels
J - 2 Columns
K - 4 Corners
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