Competition Sport Kiting Scorekeeping Program SKIPS

written by

John Norton Mitchell

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SKIPS 1280x1024
Sport Kites International Program for Scorekeeping

Release 18 August, 2006 - (2 Mbyte)

This version is optimized for a screen resolution of 1280x1024 or higher.

SKIPS was the Official STACK Scoring Program as of 1 March, 2006. This program has also been adapted for most AKA outdoor competitions.

This program will run properly with Excel 2007 in compatability mode.

This program will function properly with the rules changes of 2009 which eleminated the separate scores for the two critical components. You must only change the score method for each judge where "30-30-40" is "y" and enter only a single score.

(Optimized for resolution 1280x1024)