My Quad-Line Competition Results

from 1993 through 2004

John Norton Mitchell

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From 1993 to 2004, I competed in 37 Quad Line Individual competitions.

Over 90% of these competitions consisted of a ballet and a precision discipline. The years 1993 and 1994, there was only the ballet discipline. The precision discipline was first introduced at EuroCup 1994. In some cases during later years a discipline was dropped due to weather and wind conditions.
In the year 1996 I won every European competition that I competed in. My streak was broken at Malaysia Airline World Sport Kite Grand Prix in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia where I was required to compete in the precision discipline using a dual line kite instead of my usual quad line kite.

A Summary of my rankings are:

13x 1st - 35.1% of the time
12x 2nd - 32.4% of the time
6x 3rd - 16.2% of the time
1x 4th - 2.7% of the time
1x 5th - 2.7% of the time
1x 6th - 2.7% of the time
1x 9th - 2.7% of the time
2x cancelled - 5.4% of the time