International Sport Kite Competitions Judged

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John Norton Mitchell

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Trained by STACK in Germany in 1995.

Judged every year from 1995 through 2006 except 1996.

Judged in 55 competitions Internationally.

Judged in 8 different countries.

Judged in 4 EuroCup competitions.

Judged more than 40 disciplines as Head Judge.

Judged 5 competitions as Chief Judge.

Judged more than 150 disciplines.

Judged more than 1000 competitors

World Sport Kite Championships

Judged the 4th thru 6th WSKC in 2 countries.

Judged as Chief Judge in the 6th WSKC in France.

Judged a 18 total disciplines

Judged 49 competitive teams from 10 countries.

Served as STACK International Head Judge since 2004 to 2008

Quick Summary

More than 55 competitions
In 8 countries
More than 1000 competitors
Head Judge 40 disciplines
Chief Judge 5 competitions
Four Euro Cup's
Three WSKC's