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International Sport Kite Bulletins

December 14th, 2011

In response to repeated requests from DT competitors, amendments have been made to figures DT04 and DT16 in order to remove the speed control elements that were previously integral to the lines of entry and exit. These are minor amendments and the main flying skills tests imposed by these figures are otherwise unchanged. A new version of ISK Compulsories Book ISKCB (v2.2.1) incorporating these changes will be available at

If you already hold a printed copy of ISKCB v2.2 please note that pages 1, 2, 6, 42, 47, 48, 65 and 66 only of that book need to be removed and replaced to cover changes announced in this bulletin.

No other figures, disciplines or rules are affected at this time.

February 10th, 2007

  1. The IRBC recently noticed a minor spelling error in the ISKCB. On page 42, change the word "Cricl" to "Circle".
  2. The IRBC has determined that the present ISK books are not in need of any updates this year. The IRBC continues to welcome and consider any changes which you are interested in adding to the books. In particular we entertain suggestions for new compulsory figures; however we wish to refrain from compulsories with tricks as most tend to be kite specific. If you do have a trick figure which you feel that can be flown with a high majority if the present competition kites, we would entertain it.The IRBC will be looking towards 2008 for the next change to the ISK books.
  3. Recently Mike Huff turned over his post as AKA IRBC representative to Jim Barber. Mike joined the IRBC in March 2006 replacing our dear friend and colleague Mike Gillard who passed away a year ago this month. Mike has done a great job filling in for Mike Gillard, helping us to complete on time all of the revised 2006 ISK books last July.The IRBC extends a genuine thank you to Mike Huff for his work.
  4. Jim Barber is the new AKA IRBC representative as of December 2006.Jim Barber is from reigning and two time World Champions team Cutting Edge. Jim has been competing on the kiting circuit for over 14 years, individually, pairs, and team flying compiling many AKA Championships along the way. Jim has spent many years judging both on the regional, and national level, and as Chief Judge for the Northwest Sport Kite League which Jim was instrumental in starting with Mike Huff. Jim teaches classes on pairs/team flying, both in classrooms, and on the field, and gives seminars on judging.

October 23rd, 2006

  1. The IRBC was recently informed of two errors in the latest ISK Books. In the ISK RULES BOOK Version 2.3 on page 12 item 3.G Setup Times. Change the setup times for "Teams only" from 4 minutes to 5 minutes.
  2. In the ISK JUDGES' BOOK version 2.1 on page 20 Change from: "VI. Scoring Penalties" to "VII. Scoring Penalties"
  3. Recently Peter Fiedler of STACK Germany resigned as one of the STACK IRBC Representatives after many years.
  4. Dave Morley of STACK UK was recently appointed as one of the STACK IRBC Representatives.
  5. Clarifications to boundary and safe conduct.

August 3rd, 2006

Clarification of MI 22 compulsory, eliminating room for false interpretation.

July 25th, 2006

  1. Page 10 item III.G.2 Member of Pairs and Teams. The words "limited to five members" will be interpreted as "limited to a maximum of five members".
  2. Page 10 item III.G.2 Member of Pairs and Teams. In the case of injury, illness or similar situation, a member of a pair or team may be replaced by someone who did not fly the other discipline. This is at the discretion of the competition Chief Judge.