History of the Revolution Anniversary Series

researched and written entirely by

John Norton Mitchell

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Celebrating 20 years of Revolution Kites, a special Anniversary Revolution 1.5 was crerated by Revolution.
The design is a split of the "Revolution I" from 1988/89 and the Rev 1.5 John Baressi series.

This special 20th Anniversary Revolution is as of May 2012, still availble for purchase from Revolution and some of their dealers.


I call this one the Historical Blue Comet Revolution.

When I showed this design to Joe back in 2009, his first remark was a question.
"Why didn't you show this design to me, two years ago?"

The project started with the idea to photograph around fifty older Revolutions deep within the vault at Revolution in Poway. When I had finished the primary photographical work my first thought was to create a Revolution T-Shirt with many pictures of REVs.
I knew at the time that the Gonzalez Brothers(Pedro and Esteban) in Gandia(Valencia), Spain were already printing pictures on Icarex Polyester ripstop. Then came the idea of printing a whole Revolution sail with REV pictures on it.
I was given the go ahead to create the design for printing a prototype Historical Revolution. I had about seven or eight different backgoround that I created in which the Revolution logo colors were also altered to match the background. The logo was also give a extra 3-D depth to appear as it was chiseled out of the material. For the prototype, the blue comet background was chosen and sent to the printer in Gandia. The prototype unfinished printed sail arrived at Revolution in Poway around early June 2009. I did not see the finshed Revolution until a few weeks later. Ben carried this with him on his worldly travels.


It came time to actually produce the Historical Revolution, however a few design changes would have to be made. The background was changed to one of the more eye catching backgrounds being the Golden sunset. Placement of the REVs was altered slightly. One REV was eliminated and the ZEN added to the end. There was also a text change.
There would be only one production run of 25 Golden Sunset Historical Revolutions and never again produced. It is known that these Historical Revolutions are in the hands of REV fliers all over the world. It is said that some may also be in museums.

The Historical Revolutions design, both versions, were created solely by myself (John Norton Mitchell) using primarily my camera, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Each Revolution kite was cut away from the background in their respective photos. The shape of the Revolution in full size, about 100MB, was laid out in vector graphics using Illustrator. The golden sunset background was created using gradients with the gradient colors being picked from an actual sunset photo that I photographed in Langkawi, Malaysia. The cutout Revolution images were then placed on top of this gradient, each on a different layer. The logo and all other text were added. When the design was completed and approved it was uploaded to a server where the printers (Gonzalez Brothers) in Spain could download and print it using a very special and very expensive printer. All of the printed sails arrived in Poway during 2010 where they were sewn and prepared for delivery to their new owners.

    The owners, known to me, of these Golden Sunset Historical Revolution are:
  • Ben D. - California
  • Daryld G. - Calfornia
  • Carol P. - California
  • Cass P. - California
  • Colleen B. - Wisconsin
  • Mike B. - New York (2x)
  • Ed Jensen - Phoenix, Oregon
  • John Mitchell
  • That's 9 of the 25. There are 17 to go.