History of the Revolution BACK TRACKER

researched and written entirely by

John Norton Mitchell

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  2. REV II
  3. REV 1.5
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In 1997 the very low-end BACK TRACKER was introduced. It was the only REV, at the time, to ever be manufactured outside of the USA. The BACK TRACKER came with lines and handles attached. It was in fact manufactured in China. All the rods were fiberglass versus the standard carbon fiber rods used in all other Revolution kites. There were problems with quality control from China and the BACK TRACKER was not very well accepted on the market. The BACK TRACKER was only produced in 1997.

    It was made in the following color schemes):
  • blue, white, black with red center and black BACK TRACKER logo
  • purple, blue, pink with yellow center and black BACK TRACKER logo
  • black, red, purple with blue center and black BACK TRACKER logo