Revolution Kite History

researched and written entirely by

John Norton Mitchell

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  My personal Revolution History

I purchased my first Revolution, a REV I, in October 1990 at a kite shop in Riverside, CA USA. On the first day of training the sail was damaged by a dog. It took a few weeks before I had repaired it and I flew it again. I purchased my second Revolution, a REV II, in June 1991 at The Kite Store in London, England. My first REV 1.5 came directly from Revolution in October 1995. My first and only Blast came from GWTW kites in July 2000 in Chico, CA. My one and only REV Indoor came from Revolution in November 2001. My first and only ZEN came from Revolution in May 2010.
In 1996 I won overall at the STACK EuroCup. In 1997 I won the ballet at the EuroCup. In 1998 I won the precision at the EuroCup. After that I more or less retired from individual competitions and concentrated mainly on competition judging and some pairs competitions.

Please tab through the various tabs above for a Revolution history of each Revolution version.

REV I REV II REV 1.5 Blast Indoor ZEN